Experiencing 24 Hours in Bermuda

In the North Atlantic there is an island known as Bermuda, which is a British Oversees Territory, yet everyone speaks with a North American accent. Bermuda is home to a number of large oil companies and many rich people. If I am honest, I was surprised with how built up the island was, as seen upon landing from the flight deck.


What did I do?

My first long haul trip ever was to this beautiful island, with a 24-hour layover. With such little time I decided to explore the area around the Fairmont Southampton, which sat upon a hill looking like a pink castle.

Bedtoom in Bermuda.
Fit for a Queen.

First of all, I started the morning with a gym session. Following that I went to Sunday brunch: a favourite among the crew. However it wasn’t that great for a vegan – but hey, free breakfast after all.

Hotel lies on a gold course.
Evening views from the pool.

At the bottom of the hill lies the famous Horse Shoe Bay, so I set out to explore. The beautiful bay has jagged rocks and cliffs sitting along the shore. A walk along with beach in cool, shallow waters along the white sand is a must. The island vibe I learned to love so much on Bali is very much present here in Bermuda too.

Horse Shoe Bay, Bermuda
The famous Horse Shoe Bay.

My last activity of the day involved lounging on the hotel beach getting to know fellow crew and paddling in the waters.

Horse Shoe Bay, Bermuda.
‘Rock climbing’ at Horse Shoe Bay.

On the layover I relaxed and got a feel for how long haul and layovers work; but I think Bermuda was a fantastic place to find my feet.


What else does Bermuda have to offer?

Bermuda has much more to offer outside of Southampton. The aim is to explore further afield in Hamilton and the British naval dockyards. Therefore famous colourful steps and houses of Hamilton will surely grace my Instagram very soon.

Additionally I would like to learn about the now-demolished over-water railway track on the island.


Hopefully I will be back on this idyllic island very soon.


See you again Bermuda.

Bye Bermuda!
Adios Bermuda!


Ever been to Bermuda? What are the must-sees? Tell me in the comments!

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