Welcome everyone!


Whether you were forced to read these posts (ahem….mum and dad….); stumbled across my Instagram; or I was recommended by a friend, you’re all here for the same thing: to follow me on my travels around the globe.


Throughout my journeys I am going to post city guides, reviews, tips and more. Hopefully, this will encourage other people to get out there and experience everything the world has to offer.

Whilst most of my travels are solo, I do have plans to travel with companions and organised groups – keep an eye out for the different trips and see how I prefer to explore!


Between November 2015 and December 2016 I aim to have long-term trips Indonesia, India, Italy and Australia. Not including the smaller, spontaneous trips to Europe I have taken a liking to recently.

I am a backpacker, so be prepared for stories of dodgy hostels and living cheaply whilst abroad. Maybe I could show people that – although fancy hotels and dinners are great – meeting like-minded people and exploring yourself and the world, comes from living out of a backpack.


Berlin, March 2015
Berlin, March 2015

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