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The days where you wandered around a city with nothing but a map and your common sense are…well, not over, just enhanced by technology. With wifi around every corner and apps for every need, your ignorance when travelling is not accepted. May that be not knowing the currency exchange or walking home in the middle of the night alone.


There are apps for everything a traveller could possibly need, and here are my favourite:


  1. A currency converter app:

There are a number of free ones available on app stores. Just make sure you can convert to any possible currency, so you only need one app rather than multiple. Having this app stops you from overspending and being ripped off – a common traveller oops.


  1. Uber:

Nothing annoys local taxi drivers like the reply, “I have an Uber coming.” Not only does this app prevent you from having to haggle, but it is far cheaper. In Ubud, Bali a 15-minute Uber taxi ride cost me less than £1. I could go on a three-hour car ride across the island for less than £20. Be aware that Uber doesn’t work everywhere though.


  1. Airline apps:

Nothing is more annoying than needing to print off your boarding pass and not having access to a printer. With airline-specific apps you can download boarding passes right to your smartphone. And chances are you won’t lose it either!


  1. Hostelworld:

Secure your bed with a few easy clicks. If you are like me and don’t like to chance beds being unavailable, download this app and book in for whenever you want to get there. Prices can differ than if you just turn though.


  1. com:

If you go to more remote places, they may not have any accommodation registered on Hostelworld. has a more diverse range of accommodation, such as homestays and hotels.


  1. Airbnb:

Looking for an apartment? Check out Airbnb for a more homey type of accommodation.


  1. Skyscanner:

I find all my cheap flights on Skyscanner. It compares prices from a range of airlines and websites. It even gives you the ability to search flights to “everywhere” for those spontaneous travellers.



I recommend keeping all these apps in a ‘Travel’ app folder on your smartphone to they are all in one place.

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Technology has made travelling easier, cheaper and safer than ever before.

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