Travelling and Eating Vegan

From French cheese, to Greek yoghurt, to German sausage, to Spanish seafood – Europe is notorious for it’s animal product-based cuisine. It is a reason why some vegans may be scared to travel throughout Europe. Yes, I have come across some places that are more difficult than others (e.g. Budapest), but a few have surprised me (e.g. Prague). Being a vegan doesn’t limit travelling for you, you just need to utilise what you have.


I have some full-proof ways to ensure I am carbed-up during my travels and I would like to share them with you.


Here they are:


  • Use the Happy Cow app/website:

The website is free, but the app costs a couple of pounds. Type in what city you are in to find places to eat that are vegan, cater for vegans and are vegan friendly. It also maps out some health-food stores too. I have found some great restaurants using this site, such as Bali Buda in Ubud and gelato shops in Milan.


  • Modify menus:

Don’t be scared to modify the menu. If the salad looks good, but it has chicken, ask for the chicken to be omitted. Want pizza? Ask for no cheese. Most places will happily accommodate for you. If worst comes to worst, say you have an allergy – people usually understand that.

My cheese-less pizza in Milan


  • Cook your own food:

In most European hostels there are kitchens. If you are lucky they come with free rice and pasta. So if your hostel or airbnb has a kitchen, get yourself down to the supermarket and buy some staples (pasta, sauce, rice, tinned beans and corn). This is less likely to happen in Eastern Asia from my experience, as hostels don’t tend to have kitchens.



  • Au natural:

If all else fails, go back to our roots and live off the land…plants that is. You always know that you can definitely eat fruit and vegetables and juice. In Budapest I lived off of litres of orange juice and watermelon. Carb up, my friends.

My daily breakfast in Prague


As you can see there are many tricks to being vegan around the world – so don’t let your lifestyle stop you from experiencing travel!

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