Why I was disappointed in Cancun

When I found out my fleet fly to Cancun, I jumped at the chance of flying out there. The 4-day trip I was given, meant there was 48 hours to explore. The trip was a shock…and I truly had a lonely and disappointing 48 hours in Mexico.


The Hotel:

The CasaMagna Marriot hotel in Hotel Zone, a short bus ride away from the strip, was where we stayed. It was huge, with over 5 restaurants; a massive pool and you could walk straight onto beach. A very vegan friendly buffet breakfast was included (unlike the one in Bermuda) and was the highlight of the trip was breakfast…that’s how bad the layover was.

Typical Cancun beach views.
Beautiful view of Cancun from my room.


Exploring Cancun:

Being a wanderer, I wanted to see what Cancun had to offer outside of the strip, so I jumped on the local bus towards downtown Cancun, to El Parque de las Palapas; which is supposedly a great place for local food and to chill.…and what a big let down that was. Consequently, being the day of rest most of the stands were closed. A big stage in the middle of the park, full of really bad dancers was entertaining though.


Defeated with the failed attempt to discover Cancun I made my way back to the strip to go shopping at the outside mall by the waterfront.

Waterside mall.
Cancun is surrounded by bodies of water.


Drunks, i.e. seasoned Cancun-ers:

Additionally,  another downside of Cancun is the masses of drunken people…I tried to relax in the pool but it was full of wasted families throwing balls all over the place. So much for chilling out.

Poolside without drunken messes at 7am, i.e. how I prefer Cancun.


Turning It Around:

Starting off early to beat the crowds, the day started with a gym session at 6am, followed by a swim at 7am. It was quiet and empty – this was how I liked Cancun. But as soon as the rowdy holidaymakers arrived, I was out of there and shut in my room until report time.

Gym time is happy time, even in Cancun.

What I learned:

First of all, from my experience there isn’t much to do in Cancun for the restless, like myself; unless you want to pay a fortune for day trips, get wasted or have a car. (The area around Cancun is full of waterfall and natural wonders and history, so of anyone wants to be my personal chauffeur and take me to them all on my next trip, you know where to find me!)

As a result I have decided that if I ever get given another Cancun trip I will make my way up to the backpacker beach down of Tulum – a big backpacker town a couple of hours away.


Notably, due to the cliquey crew, I was made to feel excluded and lonely – a rare occurrence, but it does happen.


Finally, the biggest lesson learned is that I will not like every place I fly out to and  just need to make the best of it. After a terrible first day, I turned it around on day two by getting up early and enjoying my own company and doing what I enjoy.


Please remember…

You stumble across a place you cannot connect with: it’s okay, it happens. Don’t let yourself get worked up and stressed out over being bored and not exploring as much as you would like. Just watch some Netflix, eat some peanut butter and take a bath.

Bath and peanut butter.
Taking a time out from stress.


Have you ever been disappointed in a destination? Forewarn me in the comments below!

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