Eating Vegan in Milan

I have mentioned in a previous post that Milan is very vegan-friendly. This may come as a shock to some people – “but Italians love meat and cheese!” However Milan is a big, fashionable, cosmopolitan city; and seeing as how veganism seems to be ‘in fashion’ right now, it is no surprise that there is a multitude of vegan eateries available.


Check out these places if you are in Milan:


Buffet: GHEA

Head to GHEA at lunchtime and take advantage of the vegan buffet available. It costs about €22 per kilo (your plate will not weigh one kilo despite loading it up with goodies, I assure you). Some dishes I have had include herby potatoes, millet cakes, roasted vegetables and lemony rice.

Some of the best food I have ever had.


Fine Dining: GHEA

Okay, I know I’m cheating here, using the same place; but their dinner options are vastly different from the lunch options. Dinner is a la carte and more formal. We weren’t expecting this arrangement for dinner, yet we still enjoyed ourselves! A main meal (your ‘second meal’, i.e. the one after your starter and first meal, in Italy) costs about €18. I had a seasonal pumpkin and tempeh dish, which was fantastic.

My pumpkin and tempeh dish.



   This is actually a vegan fast food change, with a number of places popping up all over Italy. Not going to lie, we went after our fine dining experience at GHEA because we are greedy and fine dining wasn’t enough…oops. The menu consists of burgers, kebabs, sandwiches, wraps, soups, salad and deserts. Ingredients include vegan mayo and vegan cheese, so even those non-vegan companions can appreciate the place! Burgers/sandwiches/etc. cost around €6 each and they are massive – you get loads for what you pay for.

The rustic burger and kebab – they were huge!



Not just for vegans here. This is just your normal gelateria, which has vegan options. I’m not talking your stereotypical fruit sorbet options, but full on Italian chocolate gelato. Best vegan ice cream I have ever had. Just ask at the counter for the list of vegan options – they are on the wall with everything else, but just double check. I think it was around €3 for two scoops.

Chocolate hazelnut ad chocolate gelato.

Although Italian supermarkets aren’t as great as UK supermarkets for vegans,  you can see it is easy enough to eat out in Milan as a vegan, with a range of dining options. These are just a few that I have been to and love, but I know there are lots more. Just check out Happy Cow for other places – trust me, you are spoilt for choice

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