Eating Vegan in Ubud

Ubud is vegan heaven. Everywhere you go there is vegan food, even in non-vegan restaurants. I dont think I have ever eaten as much as I have in Ubud whilst travelling. And everything is SO CHEAP.

I have sampled a few restaurants and wish to share where you should hit up when in Ubud, my vegan (and non-vegan) friends!



Veggie Table:
On the way to The Yoga Barn, it doesn’t look like much from the outside but the food is incredible. They sure know how to spice some tofu. The plates are full of food for only 35,000 IDR (£1.75) the only downside is that there’s only about 10 dishes on the menu, but they are all so good it doesn’t really matter.


Gelato Secrets:
There are a number of Gelato Secret shops in Ubud, I went to a smaller one on Monkey Forest Road. All of there sorbets are vegan and there’s a large variety. I got one scoop of passion fruit sorbet for 25,000 IDR (£1.25). They also have crazy flavours such as dragon fruit!




With two locations (one on the way to Yoga Barn and one actually at Yoga Barn) there’s no excuse to skip this one. The menu has traditional Indonesia inspired dishes, raw vegan dishes and western style food such as burgers. The raw desserts are insane. I had a Nasi Goreng for around 40,000 (£2). A drink, main and dessert won’t cost you any more than £6. And due to the convenient location it’s worth it.

Atman Kafe:
Also located on the way to Yoga Barn, this place can put people off as they stand outside asking you to come in; but don’t be put off. I had so much food to choose from it was a little overwhelming. From Italian to Indonesian to Balinese to Tapas – there’s something for everyone. I had a breakfast of almond milk porridge topped with sunflower seeds, raisins and berry compote with Indian spiced chai tea for about 90,000 IDR (£4.50). And breakfast is served until 6pm…bonus.


Earth Cafe:
Guess where it is located…? Almost everything on this menu is vegan (but be careful as some things with honey in it are labelled vegan!). Again, there’s a variety of Dishes. The only downside if the price to portion ratio. The dishes are quite small (I got four sweet potato fries…like what?), but they are still filling! I only brought a burger here and it cost me 80,000 IDR (£4), so it is more expensive than other places in regard to what you get for your money. Make sure you check out their shop below as well for great snacks.


Bali Bunda:
Famous for pizza, and they do not disappoint. The menu also has lots of raw vegan foods, soups, salads, burgers, curries. But they also serve meat and fish so it’s great for everyone. I took a number of people here and they loved it. I must say it was my favourite restaurant in the whole of Ubud. Be sure to try their smoothies too – the Raw Vegan Tropical smoothie was my regular smoothie order. A large pizza and smoothie will put you back about 115,000 IDR (£6).


Another ice cream place where every ice cream is vegan. This place was dangerous as it was close to my last hostel in Ubud. There’s around 10 flavours – raw cacao was my favourite. Two scoops will put you back 50,000 (£2.50), thus it is mor expensive than gelato secrets. The cream base is coconut, with added flavours. I personally didn’t even taste the coconut undertones, which was fine with me.


I enjoyed the food in Ubud so much that I actually came back for two days after Lovina, and I just ate the whole time. Those who are vegan do not have to fear about eating out in Ubud. I ate out the whole time and always had filling, nutritious and yummy vegan food. I would recommend going to Ubud even if it is just to eat, because it will take you a week to try out every place on this menu a number of times.


Things to note:

  • There are more places for vegans in Ubud, but I didn’t have time to try them.
  • Always double check that it is vegan, e.g. Like with the honey being labelled as vegan.
  • Fruit in Ubud is often imported so doesn’t taste very nice.
  • Bring lots of money for food.

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