Europe’s Most Vegan Friendly Cities

‘Vegan’ and ‘Europe’ don’t tend to be uttered in the same sentence. But, believe it or not, Europe is catching up on this lifestyle and more and more cities are becoming vegan-friendly. From my experience these are Europe’s most vegan-friendly cities:



In the land of sausage, there are no shortages on vegan food. With these little green “I <3 Vegan” stickers litter menus all over the city – even in non-vegan eateries – food is never hard to find. Vegan restaurants and cafes are never-ending, especially near the East Side Gallery. Even the falafel from street vendors is vegan!

This was the vegetarian sticker, but there are plenty of vegan ones too!
This was the vegetarian sticker, but there are plenty of vegan ones too!


Some of the best food I have ever had was at a vegan buffet in Milan – even my meat-eating BFF loved the food. And of course, you can’t go to Italy and not have pizza – so politely ask for no cheese, as most places are happy to do so. The best part of my trip to Milan: real vegan chocolate gelato. This too was from a non-vegan place – it’s becoming mainstream people.

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Prague/ Český Krumlov

This may be surprising to a lot of you, as Czech food is notoriously full of meat. However, on my way up to the Prague Castle I found a fully vegan restaurant, in which I was able to have a vegan Goulash (traditional Czech dish). Even in the small town of Český Krumlov I stumbled across a veggie and vegan restaurant, where I sat outside along the river with a great view. Another great thing about my trip was the my hostel was right outside a juice bar and near lots of local green grocers that sold cheap and amazing fruit.



Right on my doorstep, this English city is a mecca for all things hippy and vegan. Head to the Laines for a huge option of places to eat: from falafel cafes to sit down meals to vegan-friendly supermarket. Being vegan in Brighton is not unheard of or seen as unusual, in fact you are the odd one out if you eat meat.



Things to note:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask – if you are unsure get a waiter to check the ingredients with the chef.
  • If in doubt, go for fresh and dried fruit and nuts.
  • Use the Happy Cow app/website to see what’s available near you.
  • Look at your Instagram – many of the people you follow may have already found places to eat in the city you are going to and posted about them.

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