Hotel Review: Ramada Plaza Milano

I am sure that my previous posts have shown you that I rarely ever stay in hotels, as I am more of a money-saving-social-hostel goer. However on my most recent trip to Milan we decided to stay in a hotel for a night. And believe me, we went all out and booked a fancy hotel: the Ramada Plaza Milano.


The Ramada Plaza Milano is nowhere near the city centre, but this did not bother me as we were only staying there for a night. The area in which the hotel is located is a bit sketchy, so it was a surprise that the hotel was so posh.


We stayed the Ramada Plaza’s Executive Suite on the 7th floor of the hotel. Here are some pictures of the room:

Huge queen size bed made for a great night’s sleep.



The view from the balcony wasn’t fantastic, as it was in a run down area.


Ramada Plaza Milano sure knows how to treat it’s guests. Included in the price was a buffet breakfast and spa entry.

Let’s talk about the spa, there was: a hot tub; sauna; steam room and some reflexology-foot-relaxing-pebble walk. The spa is open everyday from 10am until 9pm and you can stay as long as you want.

And let’s not forget breakfast. This had to have been the best hotel breakfast I have ever encountered: it had soya milk! A rare occurrence, especially in Europe. They also had cereal, fruit, bread, potatoes, beans and rice. So there was no shortage of vegan food. But the best thing was, that you could ask for any fruit you can think of, and even if it isn’t on display, they will go to the street market right outside the hotel and buy it for you at no extra cost. Scored a kiwi.

Ramada Plaza hits a 10/10 on customer service.


It’s a given to say that we were sad to leave the Ramada Plaza Milano the next morning, but our trip to Verona that day made it hurt a little less.

Getting ready to leave for Verona.


See you again Ramada Plaza Milano.

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