Koh Phi Phi: A Day Trip from Krabi

With our limited ten days in Thailand we had to find a way to see as many places as possible, especially after staying in Krabi longer than planned. Originally I wanted to go to Koh Phi Phi for a couple of days, but I received mixed reviews from people, ranging from ‘you’ll never want to leave’ to ‘it’s hell on earth’; leaving me rather confused.


So I compromised and paid for a Koh Phi Phi day tour. For two people it cost £65, including the taxi pickup and drop off service, the tour, lunch and complimentary onboard drinks.


Here is how the day went:


Pick up:

The day started off rough when we woke up to pouring rain and storms in Ao Nang; expecting the tour to be cancelled we made our way downstairs to wait for our taxi. Alas, the taxi turned up at around 7am ensuring us the rain will stop and the tour will commence. Needless to say, we were suspicious.

After picking up a few more tourists, the taxi driver took us to a type of harbour where we waited until 9am to board our boat.


Bamboo Island:

After a 45 minute boat ride we arrived at our first stop: Bamboo Island. We had a further 45 minutes to explore. The island is somewhat of a national park, and you have to pay 400 baht to step foot on it. The water was crystal clear and the sand was white. The island is beautiful, but there is limited shade, so wear sun cream!


Bamboo Island on the way to Phi Phi.
Welcome to Bamboo Island: first stop on the way to Phi Phi.


Bamboo Island on the way to Phi Phi.
A slice of paradise.


Storms on the way to Phi Phi.
Stormy clouds towards Krabi, but clear skies towards Koh Phi Phi.


Phi Phi Lagoon:

We travelled maybe a further 15 minutes to a lagoon. The only way in and out of said lagoon is by boat. We took a plunge into the 10 metre-deep waters for half an hour, swimming around the boats and climbing on rocks. It was a shame that such a stunning place was bombarded with tens of boats, all shipping around tourists such as ourselves. It made for a very busy lagoon.

Koh Phi Phi Lagoon
Open water lagoon swims.


Lagoon on Koh Phi Phi.
The high rising cliffs that make you feel secluded.


Viking Cave:

On our way to Koh Phi Phi Don we passed by what is known as the Viking Cave on Koh Phi Phi Leh. It is named as such because when the cave was discovered they found Viking-like drawings on the cave walls. It is now the work-site of those who harvest bird’s nests.



Monkey Bay:

We made a further stop to Monkey Bay. As with the previous stop, we stayed onboard the boat to look from a distance. Sadly, we couldn’t really see the monkeys from this point of view.


Koh Phi Phi Don:

Finally we arrived at the famous Phi Phi island, a big destinations for backpackers. Here we got a buffet lunch and 1 hour and 15 minutes to wander. We wandered along the water and into one of the many small streets full of shops and tattoo parlours and hostels, just off the water front. The beach itself was full of boats from all the day tours. The island kind of reminded me of a bigger Gili T. I think if I had more time, I would’ve liked to stay of Phi Phi for a couple of days as planned.

Koh Phi Phi Don.
Views from where we disembarked on Koh Phi Phi Don.


Boats on Phi Phi.
Typical boat seen around the islands.


Open Water Snorkelling:

To end our trip we had the opportunity to snorkel in two open water areas, averaging about 5 metres deep and full of fish and coral.



Drop Off:

We made our way back to the harbour, where we were picked up by a taxi driver who took us back to our hostel for 4 pm.



We really enjoyed our Koh Phi Phi day trip, despite it being very quick paced and tiring. Our guide was lovely and informative and the places we saw were of incredible natural beauty.

I believe day tours are a great way of seeing an area, if you are pressed for time. They give you a feel for a place, which is great if you plan to return as you can decide if you want to stay there longer on a future trip. I recommend that Fellow backpackers look into such day trips, even though they can be costly, as a way of seeing more of a country without having to spend more time in a country or area.


Think about it. You won’t regret it.


What’s your experience with day trips? Are they worth the time and money? Tell me in the comments below!

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