Things to do in Krabi, Thailand

783 kilometres south of Bangkok on the western coast of southern Thailand is Krabi. Krabi Province is a popular beach destination among tourists, with great accessibility to the western islands such as Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. We headed to the popular backpacker beach town of Ao Nang, famous for its rock climbing locations.


Here are some things to do in and around Ao Nang:


  1. Visit Ao Nang Beach, Krabi:

As it is low season the beach was quite empty, so we had plenty of space to chill out in. You do not get locals approaching you, trying to sell drinks and souvenirs; so it is very peaceful. However the water is a lot murkier than other places in Thailand, due to new resorts dumping into them.

Views on Ao Nang beach, Krabi.
Empty beaches in Krabi.


  1. Grab a boat to Railay, Krabi:

Railay is situated twenty minutes away by a long tail boat, yet it is still connected to mainland Krabi; just inaccessible by road. Tickets cost you £5 for a return and it is an easy day trip. You can wander around the island and marvel at the rock formations and the crazy people who decide to climb them. If you wander far enough you come to, what we like to call, Dick’s Cave: a cave full of penis statues, put there for fertility hopes.

Longtail boats at the Krabi Pier.
The death traps.


Railay, Krabi.
The death trap was worth it for these views.


Penis Cave: Railay, Krabi.
Dick’s Cave.

Note: beware of evil monkeys.


  1. Day trip to the Koh Phi Phi islands:

This all day trip includes stops at Bamboo Island, Viking Cave, Monkey Bay, the Lagoon, Maya Bay (if you’re lucky) and Phi Phi Main Island, as well as two open water snorkeling stops. It’s a fast paced trip and you spend a lot of the time on the boat, but the views are worth it.

Krabi to Phi Phi.
First stop on the tour: Bamboo Island.


Phi Phi Lagoon on day trip from Krabi.
The lagoon where you swim in 10 metre-deep waters.


Phi Phi Don.
Final destination: Koh Phi Phi Don, i.e. paradise.


  1. Island hoping:

Not only can you do day trips to the Phi Phi islands, but also many more, e.g. the 7 island hoping tour or to Hong Bay. It’s one of the most convenient and cost effective ways to see the smaller islands – but it is tiring!



Krabi was insanely beautiful and laid back, we ended up staying here four nights instead of the intended one or two. With its relaxed, chilled out vibes and natural beauty you can’t really blame us.


Have you been to Krabi? What hidden gems did you find? Let me know in the comments below!

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