Lake Como: A Day Trip from Milan

Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy, and one of the deepest in Europe at over 400 metres deep, which is surrounded by mountains and the homes of the famous (*ahem* only one is notable…George Clooney).


I visited the town on Como, which is on the southern most tip of the southwest arm of Lake Como (Lake Como is Y shaped). Como is 25 miles north of Milan, taking about 1 hour on the train from Milano Cadorna and only costing €5 each way. Not only this, but it is also right on the border of Switzerland, with the nearest Swiss city being Lugano (another place famous for its lake).


I visited in January, and I’ll say this now: winter may not have been the best time to visit Lake Como. However it was pleasantly sunny, despite it being freezing. One advantage of going during off-season is that it isn’t full of tourists. This doesn’t mean it is a ghost town though, mind you. Locals are seen walking their dogs and running around the lake at their own leisure. What really surprised me was the Como is actually a student town for those attending the University of Insubria – so the locals are quite young.


We enjoyed a relaxing few hours wandering the town and seeing what it has to offer. The town isn’t big, so you don’t need to rush to see everything, or miss anything out to fit it in a day trip. I recommend wandering around the lake and witnessing the breathtaking views, and then make your way into the (business) centre of Como where there are beautiful churches and streets.


Here are some pictures from my day:

The view coming up to the lake from the station.


Looking back towards the station and town centre from around the lake.


Trying to spot the houses of famous people (…George Clooney…).


Just look at that landscape.


Church on the lake.


The beautiful church in the centre of town.


Next time I would like to explore a few more of the other towns surrounding Lake Como. And perhaps go up the mountains to get a birds’ eye view of the lake down below!

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