New Job: New Destinations – Welcome back!

I am back everybody, and with a new job!


Where have I been?

Much has happened during my recent absence from this blog, most importantly: a new job.


Currently, I am sitting poolside at the Florida Mall Hotel…and it’s all paid for. That’s right, I earn money by going to Orlando…and Cancun…and Bermuda…and more to come. “How?” You might ask.


This is where my new job comes into play. It’s perfect for a globetrotter, like myself, especially for someone who has worked in a customer facing profession before. The job involves: serving people; being a medic; fighting fires if needed; helping deliver babies (I hope this never happens); and evacuating everyone in 90 seconds.


Have you guessed it yet?


Oh yes. You got it.


I am now cabin crew for British Airways out of Gatwick airport.


And consequently, I get to see the world.

To fly, to serve.
Wonky wings.


My new job with BA:

First of all I had to go through six weeks of intense safety and customer service training needed to become cabin crew. So now I am qualified and have been working 35,000 feet in the air for the last month and a half. Most of my long haul trips have been to Orlando, being rostered five of them this month; however, in the upcoming months I will be exploring other destinations in the US and Caribbean – cabin crew life truly is great.

Uniform for my new job.
Yes, I get paid to travel the world.

But as you can see here, I have already been to some beautiful places being crew:

Horsehoe bay, Bermuda.
My first ever long haul trip was to the beautiful Bermuda.


Cancun views
The deceiving Cancun.


Poolside, orlando.
Trying to tan in Orlando.


I can honestly say that I am enjoying being cabin crew, even if it does have its downfalls.


If you are a restless wanderer like myself, look into being cabin crew.


You wont regret it.


Do you have a job that involves travel? Tell me all about it in the comments section!

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