Romantic Maldivian Weekend

It is undeniable that, without our life time, we will see the collection of islands in the Indian ocean known as the Maldives disappear due to rising water levels. Thanks global warming. So, obviously, this means that you need to visit the Maldives ASAP. As in, right now. So when the Maldivian season started at work, I just knew I had to make the most of it.


A Bit of Background

The Maldives are a collection of small islands situated southwest of India and Sri Lanka, with it capital the island of Malé. The country is known for its beautiful beaches and blue waters, which are full of coral and other sea life. Many of its islands are resort, targeted at couples and honeymooners: so in conjunction with its cultural norms, do not expect to find any party islands.


Views approaching a Maldivian island
Views approaching a Maldivian island


The Island: Meeru Island Resort and Spa

We chose to go to Meeru Island Resort and Spa, about an hour’s boat ride away from Airport Island; here we go our transfer boat here straight from landing.

Also included our package we got: return transfers to and from airport island; one night in a Jacuzzi Beach Villa; full board (excluding any drinks, even water); full use of the facilities for two days; and island-wide Wi-Fi.

I have to say, one thing that really impressed me was that even after check out at midday, you could you all the facilities – and even eat food – up until your return boat transfer, which is either at 4pm or 7pm.


A Maldivian Welcome
A Maldivian Welcome


The Maldivian Experience

Upon arriving at the island we were welcomed with live music and cheery multicultural staff and drink whilst your rooms are allocated. We actually ended up getting upgraded from our Garden Room to the Jacuzzi Beach Villa.

Bonus: your luggage is taken up to your room by the staff, which is easier than lugging a suitcase on the sand!


Our room was beautiful, with a big four-poster bed and an open, outside bathroom; and we even got a welcome fruit basket (and I love snacks so this was a highlight).


Loving the outside bathroom
Loving the outside bathroom


Our first point of call was the beach. Right by the pool was an amazing bar and lounge area, with sunbeds and shade. I can honestly tell you that after that 10 hour flight, we did not move from this spot all day and even napped as it was so peaceful!


There are no beaches in the world that come close to Maldivian ones.
There are no beaches in the world that come close to Maldivian ones.


I was very impressed by the buffets at our designated restaurant. All food allergens were labelled for every dish, with many of them being accidentally vegan and gluten free, such as the beetroot curry and roasted potatoes. The staff even reserved us a large table outside surrounded by lanterns for us to eat dinner, which was a nice touch.


Our evening consisted of eating; late night swims to find glittering water and Jacuzzi chills. Everything was very surreal.


The next morning started off with an early 6am walk around the island before breakfast. We saw the typical Maldivian water villas and found some more beautiful beaches and the forest in the centre of the island. After breakfast we did the same as the day before and just relaxed on the beach and ate food until out pick up at 4pm.


Early morning walks in the Maldives
Early morning walks in the Maldives


Should You Visit the Maldives?

I can honestly say that this was one of the best trips I have done as crew. Experiencing the Maldives is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people, so I recommend spending the money out there and experiencing it in all its Maldivian glory. I definitely encourage taking a significant other with you or a close friend, as this is not somewhere one would go alone. It is hard to meet people is such a place due to the couple-orientated nature of the resorts. There are plenty of other activities to do on the islands, including the likes of but not limited to snorkelling and jet skiing. I can see why it is such a big honeymoon destination, and a favourite of Kate and William.


Who wouldn't want to be somewhere this beautiful?
Who wouldn’t want to be somewhere this beautiful?


If you get the chance to experience the Maldives before it disappears, do not hesitate. You will not regret it.



Have you ever been to the Maldives? What was the highlight for you?

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