Things to do in New York City

I first visited the concrete jungle when I was 15 on a school trip. It wasn’t the lights, the crowds or the sights that left a distinct impression in my mind, but my best friend’s comment on how she was disappointed that hardly anyone had typical (Yankee) American accents. If that doesn’t show you how cosmopolitan NYC is, then I don’t know what will. This is not to say that the sights and activities in the city are dull, as that is far from the truth.

The city were dreams are made is a dream within itself.


Here are some things to do in NYC:


  1. Go up a skyscraper:

When people think of New York, high rises are one of the first things that come to mind. The classic Empire State Building is but one of your options for a bird’s eye view of the city, which has fantastic views at night as well as during the day. The Rockefeller is the second most popular skyscraper to climb (by elevator of course), and is my favourite of the two. From the top you have the most amazing view of a green central park surrounded by the hectic city.


  1. Take a boat over to the Statue of Liberty:

New York’s most iconic piece of architecture, the Statue of Liberty, can only be accessed by a boat from the harbour. When you get to the island you can choose to climb up to the crown of Miss Liberty for a fee or just gaze up from down below for free. Don’t forget to wander around the island and take pictures of the skyline across the water.

NYC skyline on a foggy day. Still incredible.


  1. View the Statue of Liberty from the water:

A great way to see the Statue of Liberty and take some memorable photos is on the water. Take the Staten Island ferry on a round trip for the best (and cheapest) views.


  1. River cruise:

Or alternatively, take a river cruise, and see some more sights, including: the Brooklyn Bridge, Columbia University and the Yankee Stadium.


  1. Get educated at Ellis Island:

A historic immigration centre, where people used to arrive in the past before allowing entrance to New York. This museum teaches you about the people who wanted to come to New York and their stories, some of which are quite sad.


  1. See a Broadway Show:

No trip to NYC is complete without a trip to Broadway. For those who are spontaneous you can buy tickets on the day to shows in Time Square near the red stairs (hard to miss). I have seen Wicked, Billy Elliott and Sister Act and enjoyed them all. Apparently the Adams Family was great too!


  1. Wander Wall Street:

Honestly, Wall Street is pretty boring in itself, as it is just lifeless with concrete buildings. BUT you need to go to Wall Street to rub the Bull…yes, you read that right. In the middle of the road is a big golden Bull. You need to rub it for good luck. Just rub the Bull.


  1. Get into nature:

I know how odd this sounds; I mean you’re in New York City for goodness sake! By get into nature I mean take a stroll through Central Park. There are some characters within that park. People watching has never been done in a better place.


  1. Remember 9/11:

The Twin tower memorial is emotional, even for those who are not American citizens. The incident shocked the world. Please go and remember all those who lost their lives.


  1. Shop ‘til you drop:

A trip to NYC is not complete without a shopping trip to 5th Avenue, Macy’s and FAO Schwarz. You don’t even need to buy anything – window shopping is just as tiring I assure you.


As you can see will never be bored in the big city. New York has something for everyone, just explore.


Things to note:

  • If you don’t like crowds, steer clear of Time Square.
  • It’s dirty – city rats are a thing.
  • You never feel unsafe – there are police everywhere.
  • It’s bigger than you think – bring walking shoes.

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