Things to do in Orlando, Florida

A holiday to sunny Florida is about as common as going to Spain among English people nowadays: but that is not to say that it’s too ‘mainstream’ to visit. Having been to Orlando many times in my life (it’s far past double-digit visits now), I’ve had the pleasure of finding out what is worth seeing and what is not. You could, of course, just stay in Disney for two weeks; however I recommend you venture out of the parks too.


Here is a list of things to do in Orlando, Florida:


  1. Park hop at Walt Disney World Florida:

There are five theme parks; two water parks; a downtown shopping area; (mini) golf courses; a sports ground; a boardwalk and many hotels to explore within the Disney compound. With free buses from the hotels, parks and Disney Springs it is easy to explore without needing to hire a car.


Make sure you exit the back entrance of Epcot to explore my favourite place: the boardwalk. You might even see a wedding taking place!

Read my Tips from a Seasoned Disney Goer!


My holiday home in Orlando.
My holiday home in Orlando, Florida.


  1. Go from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure by Hogwarts Express:

With much bigger rides, these two parks appeal to the older (and taller!) crowd. With Harry Potter themed rides and transportation in and between both parks, why wouldn’t you want to visit?


Hit up CityWalk for shopping, eating and nightlife too!



  1. Shop ‘til you drop in Orlando:

The exchange rate is seriously appalling right now, but don’t let yourself miss out of the amazing shopping opportunities Orlando has to offer. Whilst the Florida Mall may be a tourist trap, the Premium Outlets at the top of International Drive are your best bet.


The outlets stay open until 11pm!


screen-shot-2016-The hotel in the Florida Mall.10-20-at-10-51-45
The hotel in the Florida Mall, Orlando.


  1. Take an airboat ride:

Out in the sticks you can take an airboat ride on the everglades – hopefully y’all will see some ‘gators. It’ll only take you half a day, but it’s good to get out of Disney and see some green.


Bring a hat and sunscreen, as it gets very hot out there!


screenGetting into nature in Florida.-shot-2016-10-20-at-10-53-52
Getting into nature in Florida.


  1. Dream of living in Winter Park:

Less than half an hour away from Orlando is the town of Winter Park. I recommend taking a boat ride around the many lakes and canals, as you get to learn about who lives in the town and see the big houses. If you have time, wander the town’s streets and the university campus.


Again, it gets very hot on the water, so stay protected!



  1. Have a Gilmore Girls moment in Celebration:

This cookie cutter town used to be owned by Disney, and you cannot have a house here unless you plan to live in it year-round (so no holiday homes, sorry guys!). Think Star’s Hollow from Gilmore Girls: beautiful houses, town music, town meetings, cute shops and friendly neighbours.


This town is so sweet it’ll give you a toothache…and make you want to live there!


screen-shot-201Anyone want to buy me a house here?6-10-20-at-10-55-00
Anyone want to buy me a house here?


  1. Monster truck through a Citrus Grove:

Florida is known for growing citrus fruits, so visit a grove and smell the oranges…via monster truck.


Check what time of year you go, as there are a couple of weeks in the summer where no fruits grow!



  1. Hit the beach:

Cocoa Beach is about an hour away from Orlando, so hire a car and go to the coast. Spend the day chilling, swimming, going on the pier and getting some fresh air out of the city.


Cover up and don’t get burnt!



  1. Learn about outer space at the Kennedy Space Centre:

There’s nothing more exciting than learning what is out there in space. At the Kennedy Space Centre you can learn all there is to know about outer space and see how has had the honour of braving the journey.


When flying into Orlando, look out the window: you can see Cape Canaveral from above!



From 24 hours to 3 weeks, you will always find something to fit into your schedule in Orlando. My home away from home is held close to my heart and I hope you all fall in love for it too.


Ever been to Orlando? Did you do something different? Let me know in the comments!

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