Travel Tips from a Seasoned Disney Goer

The number of times I have been to Walt Disney World Florida is definitely in the double-digits. This magical place has become a second home to my family and I over the years. And we have picked up on a few sneaky tricks that make visiting the parks heaps easier.

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  1. Make sure your bag is suitable:

This means small enough to take on rides, with minimal compartments – it makes going through security more efficient for everyone.


  1. Better yet, don’t take a bag and skip security all together:

Get into the parks quicker by jumping the huge security lines.


  1. Use Fast Pass+:

This is pretty new to Disney: you can book fast passes up months in advance. This is great for rides such as Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror and Toy Story, as the fast passes sell out quickly everyday. But be aware, you can’t book fast passes for all of these rides for the same day.


  1. If you can’t use Fast Pass+:

Head straight for the rides you want to get fast passes for as soon as you get to the park, and hopefully you will be lucky enough to get some!


  1. Avoid the lunch rushes:

Have an early or late lunch and you are guaranteed a seat.


  1. Don’t underestimate Disney’s Epcot:

It might not have as many rides as the other parks, but it is full of learning, culture and food. It is by far my favourite park.

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  1. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is hot:

No matter what time of year or what time of day. It is enclosed, trapping the heat and humidity. Perhaps go for two half days instead of one big day, because I can assure you that you will be hating whoever you are with by lunchtime. Go for the morning and have a relaxing afternoon back at the hotel.


  1. Make use of the Magic Hours:

Those staying in Disney hotels are privileged to extended opening hours on certain days. With far fewer people you can jump on and off rides with hardly a wait.


  1. Download the kindle app of your phone:

I know it sounds unsocial, but the wait for rides are often 30 minutes plus, and they get boring. So download the app and a bunch of free books to pass the time.


  1. Either get a fast pass or forget going on ‘Peter Pan’:

Disney’s Fantasyland is always packed. And ‘Peter Pan’ usually has a wait time of an hour plus. It’s really not worth waiting over an hour.


And the most important tip of them all:

  1. Never ever wait to go on ‘Small small world’:

The general rule is you walk on and off of that ride. If it has a wait over 10 minutes, don’t bother.


Don’t overthink Disney World too much! It’s the happiest place on earth where all dreams come true.

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