Verona: A Day Trip from Milan

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?


Verona is known to be one of the romantic places in Italy – maybe even Europe – due to its appearance in Shakespeare’s plays, notably Romeo and Juliet. That’s not all that makes Verona famous, it’s great amphitheatre (Arena di Verona) built by the Romans brings many too the city too, and is still hosting some shows.


Despite what you may think, Verona is quite a large city, housing over 700,000 people, making it the third largest city in northeastern Italy. But the separation of Verona’s historic and commercial centres gives it a small town feel – a feeling I also experienced in Prague, where the city is laid out in a similar way.


From Milano Centrale you take a two-hour long train journey, covering 170 kilometres to Verona Porta Nouva, and jump on a bus into the city centre. This journey is short enough to do a return trip in one day. I took the 11:25 train and arrived at 13:30, spent five hours exploring the city of Verona, then took the 18:40 train back to Milan – plenty of time to discover Verona.


Here’s what I discovered on the gloomy day I spent in Verona:

Arena di Verona, where plays such as Romeo and Juliet are still performed, built by the Romans.


Verona is full of streets such as this one – stereotypical Italy.


Verona has a number of bridges, each of which providing a spectacular view.


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.47.16
Walk up lots of steps to the view point, where you can see how big Verona actually is.


A wall of love on the way to Juliet’s balcony.


Juliet’s supposed famous balcony.


I have to admit that Verona might have changed by view on Italy. Verona is the Italy you dream of.

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