What Travelling Teaches You

People often find themselves bouncing all over the world in hopes of learning about new cultures and ‘finding themselves’. Now, we may mock those people who express the need to ‘find themselves’ on a beach in Goa, but what we may not realise is that travelling does teach you a heck of a lot.

So when people tell you they are travelling to learn, do not underestimate the power of travel as an educational tool. Globetrotting not only teaches you about yourself and other cultures, but also provides you with a number of valuable skills.



  1. You can sleep anywhere – yes, even on that cold hard floor of a busy East Asian airport.


  1. Body confidence – no one cares what you look like and you will be naked in front of strangers at some point.


  1. How to stretch the number of clean clothes you have until the next hostel with laundry.


  1. How to make meaningful relationships that may only last hours.
Some of the best people I know. And in total only spent maybe a week with each one.
  1. To go out of your comfort zone – nothing like a developing country to do that for you.


  1. How to get lost – but really find what you were looking for.
Found this beautiful temple behind Starbucks in Ubud.
  1. To cook.


  1. To manage your money – if you are one of those people who keeps to budget, of course.


  1. Languages – from local languages to the languages of your fellow travellers.


  1. The world map – you’ll meet people from places you never knew existed.


  1. How to haggle like a local.


  1. To push the boundaries – take risks, but don’t be reckless.


  1. To appreciate being in the present – without wifi there are no distractions.


  1. To see as much as possible in a short space of time.


  1. The art of relaxation.


  1. That you actually do have hobbies – you’ll pick up things to entertain you on those boring journeys.

    Yoga is my hobby.
  2. Spontaneity.

    Unplanned stay at the Hard Rock Hotel.
  1. World history – countries have fascinating backgrounds.


  1. Cultural norms – the long finger nail…


  1. How to use a squatty potty.


  1. To wander aimlessly.


  1. To appreciate silence and privacy – treasure it when you can, as it is limited as a backpacker.


  1. You are never alone.


  1. How to use Uber.


  1. The idea of ‘winging it’.

    If it calls to you – go. Don’t overthink it.
  2. Airports.

    You will all get on – just wait your turn to be called, you eager people!
  3. To use your common sense so you don’t get scammed or hurt.


  1. To ride a scooter.


  1. To get around without a map.


  1. To communicate without using English.


  1. Selective buying.


  1. To deal with bedbug bites.
These hurt so bad.
  1. To be ill without your parents around to help.


  1. Where has the best (free) wifi.


  1. Sharing – money, clothes, beds, memories.


  1. Maintaining long distance relationships – thank you wifi.


  1. You do like books.
Best way to pass time.
  1. Conversing on another level.


  1. Finding the cheapest flights.


  1. Being selective in the food you eat – hello, street food.


  1. How to wash your clothes in a sink.


  1. How to shower in cold water.


  1. That you don’t need to shave every day – or every other day.


  1. You will look a mess – everyone does and no one cares.
No one bothers trying to look nice when backpacking.
  1. If you fall in love when travelling, it is real (…see point 44…).


  1. We aren’t on this planet to work, pay bills and die.


  1. A newfound love for yoga – planes, boats and other automobiles really mess up your back.


  1. Maybe you should be vegetarian – dog, crickets and guinea pig…really?!


  1. Pictures never capture the true beauty of a place.
My favourite spot on Bali.
  1. You will never want to stop.

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